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Israel and Palestine National Olympic Committees meet to address training and competition issues for athletes IOC HQ Lausanne

Video News Release

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Location: Lausanne, Switzerland


Representatives of the Israel and Palestinian National Olympic Committees are meeting in Lausanne on Thursday, 12 May 2011, under the auspices of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), to address a number of outstanding sports-related issues.

In particular, the two Olympic Committees will discuss the movement of Palestinian athletes, coaches and officials to attend training camps and events. Both NOCs have been working together to draw up a list of the current difficulties they face and draft a proposal, which they’ll refer to their respective public authorities. In the short run, supportive measures for the development of Palestinian sport, including the assistance to athletes aiming to take part in the Olympic Games in London next year, will be addressed during the meeting.

This exchange of experiences began in October 2010 with the visit of IOC President Jacques Rogge to the Middle East and was strengthened by a second meeting in January of this year.

This b’roll will show:
* The two delegations arriving at IOC headquarters in Lausanne.
* Footage of the delegates’ meeting.
* Interview in English and in French with IOC President Jacques Rogge.
* Interviews with representatives of both delegations.

In addition, background footage will show Israeli and Palestinian athletes in action and footage of IOC President Rogge’s visit to the region last year.