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Historic Lausanne Meeting Signals Major push against illegal sports betting

Video News Release

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Location: Lausanne, Switzerland


For the first time, international figures from sports organisations, governments, the betting industry and law enforcement are meeting in Lausanne to combat illegal sports betting.

The Tuesday, 1 March meeting hosted by the International Olympic Committee comes after a series of major scandals that have rocked the sporting world in recent years. Among those attending the meeting, which is to be chaired by IOC President Jacques Rogge, will be Michel Barnier (European Internal Market Commissioner), Ronald Noble (Interpol Secretary-General), Ministers from Australia, France, Switzerland and the UK and representatives of the major betting operators.

Amid growing evidence that billion dollar betting scams run by criminal gangs and unlicensed gambling outfits are being used to launder money, the IOC believe illegal betting – leading to the manipulating of competition – is as big a threat to the integrity of sport as doping. They say it should be combated with the same will and energy in order to avoid any potential irregular betting activities hitting the 2012 London Olympic Games.

To ensure cheats are caught, the Lausanne meeting will urge governments worldwide to act against illegal betting by licensing legal betting operators and raising funding for sports organisations that fight cheating. The goal is to push for action, not only by the global sports movement, but by governments worldwide.

This video news release includes:

* Footage of the Lausanne meeting.
* Interviews with IOC President Jacques Rogge and the leading international participants.
* Powerful B-Roll archive shows a police raid on an illegal gambling den in Asia and backstreet bookies in Pakistan (Archive restriction: use within 15 days).